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JON LORD "Concerto For Group and Orchestra" (CD + CD/DVD, VÖ: 28.September 2012, earMusic/edel)

Jon Lord Concerto


Die erste Studio-Aufnahme des legendären gleichnamigen Konzertes, das Deep Purple 1969 einst mit dem Royal Philarmonic Orchestra (RPO) aufnahmen - damals in der Royal Albert Hall.
Bis kurz vor seinem Tod scharte Lord nicht nur wieder das RPO um sich, sondern auch zahlreiche namhafte Gastmusiker.

Unter ihnen Iron Maidens Bruce Dickinson, Deep Purples Steve Morse, Tausendsassa Joe Bonamassa, und viele mehr. In den Abbey Road Studios wurde dieses wertvolle und musikhistorisch hochwertige Stück erstmalig in einem Studio eingespielt.

Jon Lord hinterläßt uns hiermit sein musikalisches Vermächtnis.

With his legendary organ blues-rock sound, Deep Purple’s founder and soul, Jon Lord has infl uenced decades of rock music. He is with no doubt the pioneer of fusing rock and classical/baroque forms and became one of the most important composers of the last decades while having a major impact on the music business. On Monday, July 16th, he passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jon Lord co-wrote many of Deep Purple’s legendary songs like ‘Smoke On The Water’ and played with many bands and musicians throughout his career (Whitesnake, to mention one out of many). Best known for his orchestral work “Concerto For Group And Orchestra” first performed at Royal Albert Hall with Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969 and conducted by the renowned Malcolm Arnold - a feat repeated in 1999 when it was again performed at the Royal Albert Hall by the London Symphony Orchestra and Deep Purple.

Jon Lord always wanted a studio recording of the concerto. Irony of fate: he made his desire real only most recently. He finalized his very last mission - the first and only studio recording of the famous “Concerto For Group And Orchestra”. Lord assembled guest musicians such as Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson, Joe Bonamassa or Steve Morse in the Abbey Road Studios, to work with his trusted partner, director Paul Mann, on the 2012 version of the legendary concert. “Over these last years since leaving Deep Purple, I’ve played it over 30 times with different orchestras and conductors all over the world, and, of course, in 2000 I did it well over 30 times with Purple on the Concerto tour, so I’ve been honing the piece live on stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to change things in the score that weren’t sounding quite right. It is therefore a marvellous and exciting prospect to have the definitive recording of the definitive version of the score.” (Jon Lord May 2011) A press day in London was already planned and Jon Lord worked on all the artwork. The studio recording of “Concerto For Group And Orchestra” will now become Jon Lord‘s legacy for generations to come. “Jon passes from Darkness to Light“ says the sobre announcement from his family.

This album is a joyful testament of a great musician and fantastic man.


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