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Madness 05. Juni 2009, Berlin - Zitadelle (Shooter Promotions)



- who exist in one way as the group you think you know because of all their inedible hit singles, when they ruled the roost, and the antic highly coloured videos that went with them, all the way, but who exist in other ways as well.

So they are Madness, as nutty, nifty and natty as the clichés goes, don’t watch that watch this, living in their house, where they wear the baggy trousers, lovers and husbands and fathers and sons, brothers and best of friends, getting the blood flowing, clearing the head all for one and one for etc, nothing more, nothing less, the working man’s Pink Floyd, public house romantics, maybe it’s because they are Londoners, there’s no place like home, and they are also Madness, free from sentimentality and soft soap, shrewd and sharp vernacular artists, provocative, touching anglo-surrealists, domestic dramatists, a biting Brechtian bubblegum pop group, psychedelic ska struck sages, strategic Camden groove gentlemen connecting the mysterious dots between Magritte and the Maytals, vaudeville visionaries celebrating individual energy in a fallen world, underestimated comic masters committed to the unprettified surface of real experience, never given enough credit for the penetrating candour of their work, there’ll never be anymore of their kind, treasure them, in old money and in new, I love them.

I love Madness, because there’s much more to them than meets the eye or ear.  To some extent, seven grown men capering in style, they’re a never ending sit com, a cartoon series, a soap, a musical, a day time quiz show, an early evening magazine programme, a bundle of crazy, caring double acts, a look at the weather, a gossip between friends, an after the match panel discussion, a television commercial, a gripping reality show.

They’re Jackanory, they’re The Trumptons, they’re The Flowerpot Men, they’re The Monkees that part that was from England, they’re How ?, they’re Magpie, they’re nice to see you to see you nice, they’re just like that, there’ll never be another, they’re Beyond the Fringe, they’re the Steptoes, they’re “the old Church Bell won’t ring tonight as the verger’s dropped a clanger”, they’re step cousins of Monty Python and Mighty Boosh  . . .  then again, they’re The Avengers, The Champions, The Prisoner, The Saint, abstract crime fighters, moral heroes, secret agents, outsider spirits, a force for good, and so they’re Dr.Who, they’re Robin Hood,   seven of them, battling amongst themselves for the control of the Tardis, of Sherwood Forest.


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