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Am 15. Mai kommt das neue Album des großartigen Trios "THE OBSESSIONS" auf den Markt. Nähere Infos hierzu folgen in Kürze!


We have heard many clichés and laughed at many stories. We have learned not to believe what we are told. Especially when bands claim to be unique, to have found their style, or even better: to have created an unmistakable mix of styles, the individuals acquired in former bands. That is normally nonsense and we know it.

But just imagine:

There are two brothers, born in America raised in England, musical from childhood and encouraged by their parents. Then imagine these boys are named James and Joe and are almost painfully good looking. Imagine furthermore them truly mastering their instruments.

Quite some clichés, huh? We've got more.

Imagine the brothers were separated. One, Joe, stayed in England, one, James, moved to Germany. Imagine them deciding to form a band and Joe going to Germany. And imagine their joy at finding an equally good looking drummer. A certified musician, who could play so good, it made you cry.

Enough clichés. But unfortunately we can't stop yet.

Imagine the three of them developing a close friendship and playing together hence forth. They record a CD and tour through Europe for several years with no outside support. Imagine the boys driving their old bus from gig to gig always leaving an thrilled crowd. Imagine this trio playing gigs together, surfing together, travelling together, looking for adventures. Imagine a sworn companionship with a blind trust in each other. And finally imagine the most beautiful, quality pop music that you can imagine. Put it all together in your mind and see what a wonderful sunny picture it creates.

It's so clichéd, it hurts.

And: It's The Obsessions - no more, no less.

Enjoy the music and the story of these three musicians. Each note is true, each word is true. No more, no less.






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