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MARILLION "Less Is More" (CD Album, ear Music/Edel, VÖ: 02.10.2009)

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Marillion are one of the UK music scene’s best kept secrets and to be considered as the founders of the Neo-Progressive genre; purveyors of soulful, powerful, and often deeply-moving music, whose blistering live shows leave their audiences breathless.

Steve Hogarth the charismatic lead singer, replaced Fish after four albums, is a former member of The Europeans and some-time collaborator with The The and Julian Cope and brought a new heart and energy to the band. Together with Steve Rothery (guitar), Mark Kelly (keyboards), Pete Trewavas (bass), and Ian Mosley (drums) he reinvigorated and constantly redefined Marillion’s sound.

When singles ‘Don’t HurtYourself’ and ‘You’re Gone‘ breached the UK top 20 – the latter making it all the way to number 7 – jaws dropped right across the music world. In the face of ignorance and apathy, Marillion continue to defy preconceptions and labelling. The band has evolved into a vibrant musical force – to those who already love Marillion, they’re something special; to everyone else they’re a love affair waiting to happen.

“There are a million bands who kick ass, but just a few, like Marillion, who really move people” - Kerrang

“The best-kept secret in the music industry” - Sound on Sound

“Highly dramatic, emotional, dynamic stuff” - The Guardian


The new studio album from Marillion is once again the proof of the band constant evolution. As the title suggest, Marillion have picked 15 of their own favourites (hits and hidden gems) and reduced to the minimum structure possible to reconstruct them with an intimate and minimalistic ap- proach.
“Less Is More” is Marillion’s 16th studio album and it built on fans favourite repertoire from albums like “Brave”, “Seasons End” and “Marbles”, titles that already clearified the unbelievable talent of all band members define their sound in a new way.

Not a live album and not even an unplugged album. Less is More is „Marillion reinterpreting Marillion“. It’s a full-band studio recording - no remixes. 11 stunning completely new performances. An avantgarde pop experiment, Marillion limited themselves to the intimate format using only acoustic instruments - reducing the arrangements to the bare essentials.

Marillion are to shine new light onto their songs when they present them live in an acoustic format in the upcoming tour. The band will be selecting songs, some of which they have never performed live, giving them new arrangements and a new edge.



01. Go
02. Interior Lulu
03. Out Of This World
04. Wrapped Up In Time
05. The Space
06. Hard As Love
07. Quartz
08. If My Heart Were A Ball
09. It’s Not Your Fault
10. The Memory Of Water
11. This Is The 21st Century

(plus additional hidden track)



Im Herbst werden MARILLION die "Less Is More" Tour starten hier alle bisher bestätigten Termine:

16.10.09 - Hamburg, Delphi Showpalast
17.10.09 - Oberhausen, Gasometer

Da die Konzerte diesmal in kleineren Hallen stattfinden, ist davon auszugehen, dass die Tickets schnell vergriffen sind!!!




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